Difference between Catholic and Protestant Bibles

If someone asked you, “What is the difference between the Catholic and Protestant Bible?” Would you know what to say?

Well a real short answer is the differences are in the number of books of the Old Testament. But for an explanation of what an why we need to dig a little deeper. I have seen several explanations of the difference and through my review found a site with a succinct yet very informative post, Catholic and Protestant Bibles 101, from the blog  Shameless Popery.

His objective is to give a basic primer; “This isn’t so much looking to convince anyone as just to establish some of the basic facts. I don’t believe that there’s anything in here to which a well-informed Protestant could object.” He has some facts I had seen on many other sites and provides good examples. The comments at the end from readers is also worth reading.

Here are a few tidbits from his site for one of the differences:

  • Catholic Bibles have longer versions of two books: Esther and Daniel.
  • Catholics have “Greek Esther” and “Greek Daniel” while Protestants have “Hebrew Esther” and “Hebrew Daniel.”
  • Overwhelmingly, Jesus and the Apostles quote from the Greek, not the Hebrew, version of the OT, and there are a handful of references to these books in the NT. And he gives some examples
  • plus several other very good explanations on the differences and the historical aspects of the differences – well worth the read.

Hope you and enjoy it and find it informative.

A short bio on blog author Joe from Word on Fire.

“Until May 2012, Joe Heschmeyer was an attorney in Washington, D.C., specializing in litigation. These days, he is a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas, and can use all the prayers he can get. “


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